Dairy Farmers of America is a leading manufacturer of butter and dairy products used and trusted in kitchens across the country.

Borden® delivers wholesome, high-quality butter and dairy products from our family of dairy farmers to your family’s table.
Families love making memories and great meals with the trusted quality of BREAKSTONE’S® Butter. This kosher-quality butter is made with the highest standards to ensure that every dish is a special one.
In Texas, butter is a big deal. That’s why we make sure to continue the Texan family tradition that Falfurrias® is known for. Its creamy, fresh taste always complements good old-fashioned home cooking.
True New Yorkers have a taste for big city traditions, especially when it comes to the butter brand they know and love. Hotel Bar® is the real deal when it comes to getting great butter for a great value.
With wholesome, creamery fresh flavor that has been passed down for generations, Keller’s® Butter has become a longstanding Philadelphia family tradition. Since 1906, we've been helping to make good things better.
Plugrá® European-Style Butter is made with 82% butterfat for less moisture, greater plasticity and creamier texture. Results in flakier pastries, creamy, irresistible sauces and sizzling sautés. Now available in a new table-friendly tub.