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Borden is the best-known dairy brand in the US. The familiar face of Elsie® is recognized nationwide as a sign of exceptional quality.

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The Breakstone's name has been associated with premium quality butter for over 100 years. For a rich, buttery taste, try all the Breakstone's butter products today.

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One of Texas' best-loved and most familiar butter brands, Falfurrias Butter has been a Texas institution since 1909.

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Hotel Bar Butter has been a New York favorite for over a century. For your convenience, Hotel Bar offers a full line of butter products including stick, whipped and light.

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Since 1906 families from across the Mid-Atlantic region have been enjoying the rich flavor of Keller's butter. Keller's offers a full line of butter products for baking, cooking and serving.

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Churned in old world tradition, Plugrá European Style Butter has a touch more butterfat and less moisture, which makes it richer, creamier and more flavorful than traditional American butter.

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